Regular players can only improve their skills through a lot of practical experience, and beginners often struggle to find suitable opportunities to practice. Online poker clubs are an excellent way for novice players to get started. By downloading online poker apps such as Poker Time and HHPOKER, you can apply to join a club, where you can start playing at tables as low as 1/2 or 2/4 stakes. The entry process is convenient, and you can enter and exit games at any time, unlike traditional offline Texas Hold'em games such as those in Macau's DU casino, where 25/50 stakes are already considered low. Online poker games have an average of about 100 hands per hour, while offline games usually only have around 30 hands per hour. This three-fold difference gives online players a huge advantage in terms of skill development. When you can consistently make a profit on a single table, skilled online players can also play multiple tables simultaneously, expanding their profits while reducing the impact of luck. Through long-term, large-scale, and patterned training, online poker players' basic skills have become stronger and stronger. Whether it's at high-stakes cash tables or on the stage of the WSOP tournament, we often see young players wearing headphones and sunglasses challenging the status of traditional veteran professional players, with Tom Dwan being a prime example.